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The Delicate Coalition for Immigration Reform – Will It Crack?

Byron York of the Washington Examiner has a great piece on the politics of immigration reform.  He explains that the House GOP may pass the SKILLS Act soon, which does various positive things for high-skilled immigrants including increasing the H-1B cap; but the Senate Democrats have vowed not to consider any H-1B reform without consideration of other immigration issues like relief for the undocumented.

The article by York follows the same analysis made in February 2013 by Vivek Wadhwa, a close follower of immigration policy for the highly skilled:

Here is the key paragraph of Wadhwa’s article:

I also got to meet the leader of the Hispanic caucus in person: a Democrat from Chicago, Louis Gutiérrez. To my surprise, he openly admitted that he had held up the skilled immigration legislation for the last ten years. He said “For ten years, I insisted that nothing happen on STEM [Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics] or any other particular part of comprehensive immigration reform unless we did it all.” He then went on to say that he had offered a compromise recently that the Republicans snubbed; and he argued passionately for the cause of undocumented. Gutiérrez seemed principled and reasonable. And he didn’t mince words or try to hide why we were not solving the skilled-immigration problem.

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